Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Baker's Dozen -"The Pet Shop"

This is one in a series of 12 Stories that I worked on. I voiced the introduction and the closing credits.

It is always a blessing to work with children. The children were great too. I am sure they will be proud of themselves, as well as their family. The further privilege of working with and being studio producer in a production with my teacher, Leonie Forbes and Joan Andres Hutchinson was just profound. I have a special place for children's programming, having started to produce them at age 19. I owe much of what I know to Kathy Gayle, who as producer via Sylvanhurst Productions, brought me in on this project that was filled with love all around.God bless Pampidou. May her soul rest in peace.

Click on the link below to listen to the story. Please share with the children you have in your life. I would love to get your feedback (and theirs).

The Baker's Dozen- "The Pet Shop"- written by Pampidou


Azikiwe said...

me likey !..but I can't wait for you to revisit your puppet show - KENDRA lives !! the way when was the last time you played a piano...playing for yourself can be very soothing as well...if you plan, to get a real piano,none ah dat CASIO keyborad stuff ! ;-)

Sheer Almshouse said...

Hmmm...a piano will likely be in my home once I have settled down and bought a house.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Children's programming is definitely on my agenda though. Producing "Pickney Place" at 19 made an indelible mark. I have children's books on the list of things to do in the very near future too.

Z said...

Wonderful - although it got half-way through and stopped and I couldn't get it to finish. I'd like to know how it ends.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Z... pity you can't finish it. It even mention's England (by way of the explanation of 'A Baker's Dozen.' It should buffer while it plays. Otherwise, generally pausing while the whole thing (or more than half)buffers usually does the trick.

Thanks for listening!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful story and interview! I found you from your post on Pioneerwoman. Fantastic blog.

I understand your feeling of doing time in your current location. My husband and I feel the same on our four year contract(living in a country where the U.S. and Jamaica share a colonial history) but I will say that our water doesn't stink...we just have very little water pressure! Anyway, we're getting a 6 month reprieve back to San Antonio, TX! Can't wait!

Good luck to you!

Sheer Almshouse said...

Geo girl,

Thanks for coming by and for sharing your comments. Feel free to follow!

I am happy that you get a 5 month break. It does get a little difficult after a while. A least you will be able to have nice long forceful showers :)

The Masker said...

Heeeyyyy! How u get a copy?

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