Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One less day

I am a little tired today. It's just 10 am and it feels like bed time.

I have started looking around for buyers for my car. I have made a counter offer to a proposed buyer that is at least reasonable, and would allow me to pay back any fees should they become due. I need to sell my bicycle too, but I feel I will wait until the very end to get rid of that one.

I am planning to dump more things this weekend. I am also going to start packing the books and suits that have not been worn since August. All the really nice pieces that have no place here, will also be packed.

I will set aside a bag for Red Cross donations to people who have still not recovered from the hurricane (largely low-skilled immigrants). Of course, I will only be donating things that are worth of wear. I will check to see if clothes and shoes are needed because I have no desire to offend.

Easy Skanking Chef and I had a jolly good talk yesterday. He is excited about me coming and has broken the big news to his mother. What amazes me is that my own mother and father ask for him when I speak to them. His mother also includes me in her emails to her children. His friends also include me. There is definitely a coming together of the family/friendship units.

Here is a synopsis of our conversation:

“I’m buying picture frames so that you can put whatever photographs you want in them and hang them when you come.”

“I appreciate that, but maybe you should just wait until I come to buy the frames because they may no match my design motif?”


“Motif… like the design theme. You know?”

“So the theme not ‘house theme’ ?”

Apparently for my partner, house is a theme and sale is a justifiable reason to be proactive in acquiring things for home décor. No use in explaining that the layout and feel of the architecture and furniture will influence my interior décor masterpiece. Please note that that said apartment for which frames are currently being sought, has not been seen much less moved into. I think the understanding of my plight will fall squarely along the gender divide. My female readers will feeeeel my pain and my male readers will be like “but don’t you women like it when men get involved and supportive around the house? So what you complaining for? Because frames come in all materials, sizes, etc and I don’t want to be stuck with an assortment of gold leaf in a place that screams for modern contemporary!

I am perfectly fine with him just putting all that money aside and getting me brochures for the different stores and sales I would be interested in. I wont have anything else to do but make house anyway, and he wont have any days off… so it will be fun to change things up on him from time to time.

Guys, I promise not to use pink- at least not on the walls.


yaadgyrl in philly said...

so happy 4 u and ESC!

Anonymous said...

I, Imelda, am with ESC on this one....hotgirl can decorate based on an eclectic gathering of photo frames. Let him buy the frames.

Azikiwe said...

"Mo-what ?"....HeH !,girl you got plenty work to do ;-)

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